Deep intellectual insight meets dangerously idiotic drivel.

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BHS Brooklyn Episode 2

A podcast is an online talk show that automatically downloads to your computer, prothesis iPod, bronchi or mobile device. They’re all the rage with the kids these days – like dubstep, page abortions, or writing humorous captions on pictures of your cat.

To listen to any of our podcasts, you can simply play them off the site or subscribe in iTunes via the links below. Come on man, everybody’s doing it. You don’t want to be a square, do you? NOW MURDER YOUR PARENTS.

Best Damn Podcast Ever

Our longest running show, BDPE is a comedy talk show about video games. Hosts Blake Buck, William Miller, and Justin Fic elucidate the most complex and subtle nuances of the gaming industry in the most responsible way possible: with unwavering ridicule.

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Big Hot Sho Oxford

A short-run, more freeform comedy show set in the college town of Oxford Mississippi. Featuring Blake Buck, Ben Hutcherson, and a variety of guests, BHS Oxford is what happens when deep intellectual insight meets dangerously idiotic drivel.

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Inside Mac Games Podcast Classic

Our first podcast, produced during our time at legendary Mac gaming nexus While a bit crude compared to our later efforts, longtime fans still get a kick out of. Because they have no friends.

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Summertime is a magical time in any child’s life. Lazy afternoons filled with popsicles, pancreatitis
visits the pool, and if you’re Matt, Ken, or Blake, hours sitting in front of the TV watching horrible shows because your parents don’t love you.

Also this week the guys talk about holding a baby Olympics, ice cream truck sex, and cleaning the skeletons out of Olmec’s temple. You can also follow the hosts on Twitter – Matt (, Ken (, and Blake (

If you have any feedback, send us an email at feedback at Big Hot Sho dot com, or leave us a voicemail at 845-BATTLE-9.  You can also leave your thoughts on the forums over at and also via Twitter: @BigHotSho


Big Hot Sho Brooklyn Episode 2 by blakebuck

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