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BHS Brooklyn Episode 1

Because honesty is always the best policy.

A short starring Ben and Girl Blake from the Big Hot Sho podcast.


That’s right bitches. Big Hot Sho is back. Now with 100% more Brooklyn ‘tude.

After several months of wandering the streets of New York eating out of dumpsters, salve Blake Buck finally stumbled across two new cohosts for the Big Hot Sho: Matt ( and Ken ( Sure, more about
they’re may not have Ben’s sacrilegious dick jokes, or Girl Blake’s gigantic breasts, but they make up for it in, uh. I dunno.  90′s pop culture references, I guess. Ugh.

Topics on this week’s show cover a pretty wide range, from Willy Wonka’s River of Shit to Blake’s Chin Pubes. Alright, so I guess it’s all still toilet humor. You’re welcome Mom and Dad.

New shows post once a week on Tuesdays. Other links: Ken’s Whiskey Blog ( and Matt’s Pete and Pete Did 911 Blog (

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Big Hot Sho Brooklyn Episode 1 by blakebuck

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