Deep intellectual insight meets dangerously idiotic drivel.

By BoLOBOSE payday loan

BHS Brooklyn Episode 8

This week the guys explore the nightmare corners of the internet to uncover the mysteries of the dreaded meme.  How are these terrors created?  How can they hang around YEARS after everyone is sick of them?  And seriously, erectile fuck you photos of cats with misspelled captions.

Also this week: Ken ponders the merits of Sci Fi vs. Fantasy, eczema Matt simply screams the word ‘Ska‘ into the sunset, Blake divulges the secret of comedy (it’s pretty disappointing), and we get our first death threat! You can also follow the hosts on Twitter – Matt (, Ken (, and Blake (

If you have any feedback, send us an email at feedback at Big Hot Sho dot com, or leave us a voicemail at 845-A-CUT-JEW.  You can also leave your thoughts on the forums over at and also via Twitter: @BigHotSho


Big Hot Sho Brooklyn Episode 8 by blakebuck

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