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BHS Oxford Episode 9

Our more mathematically astute listeners may have noticed it’s been over five weeks since the posting of our last show. But let me also remind you that math is for nerds isn’t helping you get laid. Take it from Blake, capsule he’s and expert in not getting laid. However, order perhaps some apologies are in order, and on this week’s show we do just that.

Since Blake has moved out of Oxford, shows won’t be posting as often – at the moment we’re shooting for every other week. But if it’s any consolation, this show is almost twice as long as usual! Ben and Girlblake are back, as well as that perfectly balanced ratio of literary references to dick jokes that a growing mind needs.

On this week’s episode:

Cutting your Hair, Everywhere

Big Hot Apologies

Cultural Acceptance + The South = Comedy

The Nelson Mandela Test

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