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By BoLOBOSE payday loan

BHS Oxford Episode 8

Your over at your best bro’s house hangin’ out.  Drinking beers, healing playing Xbox, buy watching some TV.  High-fiving after a joke that degrades women. You know, bonding.  Suddenly your boy flips the channel over to Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Two toned and muscular bodies grind against each other, struggling against one another’s ample physiques for dominance, until one man reigns victorious as the other submits in a writhing pile of agony.  You suddenly feel very strange.

“That sure was a good fight, right dude?”  You murmur, burying those strange new feelings in a dark place deep inside you.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:

UFC is the gateway drug to homosexuality.

On this week’s episode:

Big Hot Politics

The Cheese Game

Everyone’s Just a Little Gay

Ben’s Infamous Boats Question Returns

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